Eye Exams Without Dilation - The Optomap Retinal Exam

Published: 18th October 2010
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The optomap Retinal Exam provides a panoramic view of the rear of an individual's eye (the retina). The view provided by the optomap displays

up to eighty% of the retina without dilating the patient's eyes.
How Does the Optomap Work
The patient places their eye to be photographed up to the instrument and the doctor's assistant positions the patient for a photograph and

takes the picture. The optomap captures its image in only 1/four of a second. The photographer takes two photos and evaluates the images. If

the photographs look smart the same issue is repeated on the second eye. The image captured allows the doctor to view up to 80% of the

retinal fundus at one time. The image may be magnified or manipulated for a better view. Written notes can accompany the image file should it

need to be emailed to the patient or another doctor. Completely different wavelengths of laser light-weight used to require the image can be

filtered permitting totally different layers of the retina to be evaluated.
Why is This Better Than Dilation
The optomap isn't necessarily higher than dilation. The optomap Retinal Exam could be a nice tool to use in addition to dilation or when a

patient can't, or will not want to be dilated.
In some cases the read provided by the optomap is superior to that of pupil dilation. For instance, a patient that's terribly light sensitive

can usually refuse to own their pupils dilated as a result of of the pain they experience due to the brilliant lights. The dilated read

afforded the doctor of a terribly photosensitive patient is typically poor as a result of it is tough for the patient to stay their eyes open

or to appear in the acceptable direction. The optomap captures an image with a brief flash that even lightweight sensitive patients don't

object to, allowing the to doctor read the results without discomfort to the patient. The optomap allows for a additional snug retinal exam.

The optomap can be used as a retinal health screening tool, allowing the doctor to focus the dilated retinal exam on areas that need a better

read or additional investigation.
When comparing the doctor's view of your eye through an undilated pupil, with an instrument called a direct ophthalmoscope, approximately 10%

of the retinal fundus is viewable. But, to realize this read requires a cooperative patient with smart fixation. A wider read is achieved,

through a dilated pupils, with an instrument that is worn on the doctor's head called a binocular indirect ophthalmoscope (BIO). To achieve

this wider view, requires a cooperative patient, with good fixation and 20 minutes to permit the drops to dilate the pupils. The patient's

eyes can remain dilated for four to 6 hours and they will expertise some blurriness throughout that time. By having the patient look in

numerous directions, whereas the doctor readjusts their light and a lens that they hold in their hand, the view given by the binocular

indirect ophthalmoscope can be increased to virtually a hundred% of the retinal fundus. One in every of the largest blessings of a dilated

retinal fundus exam with a binocular indirect ophthalmoscope is that it permits the doctor to work out the fundus in 3D or a "stereo read". A

good retinal camera can enable the examiner to see about 30% of the back of a patient's eye at one time. By taking various images and piecing

them together up to sixty% of the fundus is viewable with a retinal camera.
For Whom is the Optomap Recommended
The short answer is sort of everyone may be a good candidate for the optomap Retinal Exam. We find, but, that a number of the best candidates

for the optomap are those patients that may't or don't wish to be dilated, kids, anyone with a history of retinal issues and individuals that

are light-weight sensitive.
It's in the most effective interest of your ocular health to possess a retinal eye health analysis during your yearly eye exam that is a lot

of comprehensive than a traditional, undilated eye exam. Each the the optomap Retinal Exam and a dilated eye exam meet that standard.

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